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I’m Shaun Fitzgibbon, founder of MAI INSPIRE. I am passionate about life and what it all means. And although I am not a fan of titles, you could say I’m a Transformational Coach, Mindset Coach, Thought Coach, Change Agent, NLP Financial Mindset Coach, qualified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapist.

I have had a wide and varied professional and educational background, which ensures I am an ideal Coach or Mentor! Some have described me as an Enigma. In some ways, I am!

Did you know that the MAP is not the Teritory?

The distinction between a map and the territory was coined by Mathematician, Scientist and Philosopher Alfred Korzybski’s.   It’s a pretty simple statement.  I mean, who would confuse a roadmap with a road, or a menu with a meal?  Yet Korzybski observed that people often confuse what they ‘think’ with ‘reality’. No map is ever completely true.

Maps are static, a snapshot. Territories however are dynamic, like our seasons, day and night, sunshine and rain – you get the idea. Maps can become outdated. They may be resourceful at one time in our lives and limiting at another. Korzybski also coined the term ‘neuro-linguistic’, referring to the connectedness of our nervous systems and physical responses to our thoughts as structured by the language we use. Key point here is the language we use.

Our thoughts. Our beliefs. Our attitudes. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) extends the definition of ‘map’ to include both sensory perception (our 5 senses), and communication at the pre-linguistic level. Our thoughts! We can never know a thing in itself, we can only know our own neurological translation of it. By the time we are aware of anything via our 5 senses, it has already undergone significant transformations. Information has been deleted, distorted and generalized by our nervous systems in the very process of performing what we call ‘perception’.

We will discuss this process of perception in more detail under the topic heading, What is NLP. NLP has tremendous solution-based outcomes. It allows us to accept our thoughts and feelings for what they are — just thoughts, just feelings. It encourages us to take our thoughts with a grain of salt. We can become curious about them, we can evaluate them, and we can change them if other thoughts or feelings would be more useful, healthy and life affirming. We can improve our maps. And by doing so, we can improve the quality of our lives, our experiences, our relationships at all levels, our health and our success.

Are you interested in improving your Map?

What they say

You have already conceived it. It’s now time to take that extra step to properly believe it and achieve it.

At MAI INSPIRE my only desire is to inspire you to be a HEALTHIER, WEALTHIER and WISER version of yourself. Did you know that your growth, your success starts with a thought.  Thoughts are the seeds of your reality. Thoughts are building blocks. Thoughts create.  You are a creator.  This is undeniable truth.  If you want to learn more and finally achieve what your thoughts are continually desiring around your Health, Wealth and Wisdom, then you have come to the right place.

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